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Watch the announcement trailer for Paddlenoid📌

The official announcement trailer for Paddlenoid is now available.

Watch it here.

Paddlenoid is a perfectly innocent couch multiplayer arcade game.

Paddlenoid gameplay reveal!

It’s time for a gameplay reveal! This is Paddlenoid, a cooperative Pong clone with a twist. 👽🫢

Watch it here.

We’re currently still in development so this would be a great time for feedback 😊

Exploring a jungle to this tune?

This is some work-in-progress original music for the jungle levels.

Find the full post here.

This song should evoke feelings of mystery and drive you to explore the ruins of an ancient temple deep in some alien jungle. So, what do you think? Would you brave the leopard to this tune?

Showing off our jungle theme

Just showing off some more of our jungle-themed assets 😊

Here’s a link to the full size post.

A lot of this game takes place amongst ruins in a lush jungle. There are water features, vines and ferns as well as hidden relics and even fire-flies!


Nice to meet you.

Hello from Deadbug Projects, a small game studio operating from Enschede in the Netherlands. We’re currently working on our debut title, a casual couch multiplayer arcade game named: Paddlenoid. Stay tuned to this space for regular updates on its development journey.

Our mission is to bring people together with casual couch multiplayer games with a focus on mobile and hand-held platforms. It’s about having fun and connecting people.

Sirp Potijk

Passionate about game development and sound design. Loves sharing more technical details than you ever wanted to know.

Sophie ten Wolde

Graphics designer and trailer director. May ruthlessly burn you with a deadpan remark if you break her flow state.

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