RS232 to TTL

Posted on December 10th, 2010

RS232 to TTL DeadbugSince it’s ‘DeadbugProjects’ there should be a genuine deadbug project on this site. Here’s an RS232 to TTL converter mounted in a 9 pin D-SUB connector.

To quickly create a small RS232 to TTL converter I’ll cut off the legs of an unfortunate MAX232 and just solder on the required external capacitors directly. The product of this exercise will, to the untrained eye, resemble a dead bug.

RS232 ConnectorTo connect this to an RS232 port, an RS232 connector is needed. This connecter was the one I had in mind. It’s a big connector which makes it easy to handle when connecting and disconnecting.

RS232 AssembleIts size has the added advantage of being just big enough to house the bug itself. Making for a perfect fit.

RS232 to TTL fits perfectlyThe MAX232 is connected to the receive and transmit pins on the connector side. The wires going to the experiment board end in a simple 4 pin header. The green wires being receive and transmit at TTL levels. The orange wires being +5V and GND to power the MAX232.

Here is the product as it is typically applied:

RS232 to TTL converter applicationThis concludes what I think is a deadbug project and a very useful gadget to have around.

Here is a photo of the top side of bug and a “myspace” photo of the MAX232 build into the connector.

RS232 fits perfectly (myspace) Deadbug from the other side